Control Actuator with LIN LDF File and Adress with Python

Hello, everyone,

with expensive hardware from Vector for tens of thousands of euros, LIN components can be controlled and data read out.

I have already seen software that also reads LIN data.

To control a component via the LIN bus, you usually need an LDF file (LIN Description File). All commands that the component understands are stored there, such as " Actual Position".

If you send the command from the LDF file via the software, e.g.: " Actual Position 500", then the motor moves to position 500, if you know the corresponding address, e.g.: 0x26

Is there somewhere to find a project that can be used to control a LIN device if you have the address and this?

I think such a project would be a great success, but unfortunately I haven’t found anything comparable in the last years.

If someone can help me, I would be very grateful.

It would also be enough if the program would work with e.g. NI hardware or Vector hardware.
But with a USB_Dongle or MIcrocontroller it would be perfect of course.

Thanks in advance!