Contributors report doesn't show me


I’m trying to see my contributions to our repository using this query:<repository_name>/contributors?from=2018-12-24&to=2019-09-12&type=c

but I don’t see myself among contributors despite the fact that I’ve made more commits/merges into master than many contributors who are shown in that report.

I’m making commits using the email address which is specified in settings as primary.

I’ve sent a message to on Sep 12th but didn’t get any response until now.

Please help me to fix this issue because this metric is important to me and to the company which I’m working for.

Thank you,

If you’re using the date range selection from the contribution graph at [](, then the date range selection only filters the initial set of ~100 contributors. If you didn’t make the list of the top 100 contributors without filtering, then you wouldn’t show up even when selecting a smaller date range.

If you need the full list of contributors and their count of contributions to a specific repository, you’ll have to get it through the API.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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