Contributors are not shown for "Github Action Build Chain" on MARKETPLACE

Hi, after publishing I can’t see contributors on Contributors section. Is there something wrong on my repo/configuration/way of publishing it?


any news here? still not shown

I’m not certain the reason behind this. It appears though that you published this Action from a fork instead of from the original repository. If you look at the sidebar on the original repository it shows a Contributors area that is not shown on the sidebar of the fork:

From the comment in the About of the original repo, it seems like what you really wanted to do is change the ownership of the repository from @Ginxo to @kiegroup by transferring it from your account to the organization.

The nice part about transferring the repository is that we automatically forward all the old repository’s URLs to the new location for you, so you don’t have to worry about the About notification saying that the repo is moved. Everyone will automatically be redirected.

Let me know if that helps.