Contributor shown in home page but he doesn't made commits

I started a project recently but when setting up git, I made a typo in my github email. When I commited, the commit was sucessful but it made it with the wrong account. I tried to rewrite the branch and force a push to GitHub and it was sucessful, only my commits are now on GitHub. The problem is that the contributor is still shown in the contributors section of the project (despite not having any commits shown), but not in the contributors page in the settings.


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You may read this post. I think it will help you to find the solution.
Visit. Added Collaborator with commits not showing as Contributor

Thanks, I read it but I can’t find a way to correct the contributor section. I already corrected my email address in git, it works well when I commit btw. The main problem is the contributor shown in the contributor section of the main page but not in the settings.