Contributions on github doesn't counted

all if my Contributions on github doesn’t counted ,only counted if i create new repo but after that no commit count, this happens with me a lot , but that wasn’t happened in the past ,
an help

:wave: Welcome!

If you have a commit that isn’t being attributed to your account, you can check the email address that was used for it by appending .patch to the end of the commit URL.

If the email address used for the commit is the same one that is registered on your GitHub account, then it should automatically be counted as coming from your account. However, if there’s even a tiny typo, it won’t be.

You can check your git config using this command:

 git config --list

If you find a typo in the email address there, you can change it with

 git config --global [your email address here]

If that doesn’t help, feel free to share a problem commit here so we can see what’s going on.

thanks ,for replaying ,i already did that before asking but it didn’t help me ,any help??