Contributions not showing up

I reviewed Why are my contributions not showing up on my profile?, and I have quite a few contributions that meet the requirements to be counted on my profile that aren’t showing up. They’re all commits in the Homebrew/brew repository on the master (default) branch.

Each of them is associated with connor at cnnrmnn d com. Here’s the header from a patch file from a recent commit:

connor at cnnrmnn d com is associated with my GitHub account. This email has been attached to my account long enough that contributions should be showing by now.

What else could be causing this issue?

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The only other thing I can think of is that maybe your commits were squashed? If someone squashes a bunch of commits to merge, that changes the attribution.

Thanks for the response! My commits weren’t squashed. All of my commits in each branch corresponding to a PR were added to the default branch of the Homebrew/brew repository with merge commits.

In that case, you may need to open a ticket. Be sure to include a link to at least one of the commits that you believe should be attributed to your account.

Just opened one! Really appreciate your quick response. Have a good one :slight_smile:

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