Contributions not appearing on account

Hello there,
I’ve noticed that I can’t see the contributions I’ve made on my account. I’ve pushed a few times today on my repos’ default branches but it’s not working, example with my YoutubeMSCDWNLDER repo that I updated 5 min ago.

I know this much but it’s not helping:

Commits will appear on your contributions graph if they meet all of the following conditions:

The email address used for the commits is associated with your GitHub account.
The commits were made in a standalone repository, not a fork.
The commits were made:
In the repository’s default branch (usually master)
In the gh-pages branch (for repositories with project sites)
I’ve also read this to make sure I’m not mad:

Any help is appreciated.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

As the repo you mention is private, I can’t check for sure, but usually when commits don’t show up it’s because the author email address in the Git metadata doesn’t match an email address linked to your account.

Here’s how you can check what author email is being used by adding .patch to the URL:

If it’s an email address that isn’t currently linked to your account, you can add it to your account to claim those contributions. The email address doesn’t have to work or be verified to claim contributions.

If it’s a non-email address string, then you’ll need to rewrite the repo’s history:

After making any sort of change, please allow 24 hours for the contribution graph to update!

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