Contributions from other organizations repository not shown

My contributions shown at igorkulman (Igor Kulman) · GitHub do not include commits from GitHub - ProtonVPN/ios-mac-app: Official ProtonVPN iOS and macOS app when thought I am correctly recognized as a contributor. When I look at Contributors to ProtonVPN/ios-mac-app · GitHub I see commits attributed to myself, linking my Github account. They just do not shown in my contributions in my profile.

Is there any settings I need to toggle or something like that? The repository is public so I would expect everything to work just fine.

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First thing I would check: is if your local Git commit email is connected to your account. For more details on that, I’ve found this Doc to be helpful.

@liligalante I checked that, the commit email used in that repo is in my profile as an additional email. It is probably how Github recognizes me and links my profile there. I checked with colleague working in that same repo and his profile shows the contributions, we did not find any differences in our Github profile settings.

yup, when I was looking at this issue yesterday, I was quite interested, but in my experience adding and adding emails, those did not produce problems,

any local setting on your computer that might affect this ? GitHub extensions on your browser ?

as you can see, some of your commits at the repo are not verified, sometimes they are verified

No browser extensions, no special local settings, just overriding name and email for that specific repo.

I think commits are not signed when I rebase using the Rebase button in the web UI instead of locally with git.

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@igorkulman - I’m going to ask my team members for some advice here to see if we can help!