Contribution Graph "past year" vs "2020"

Earlier this month I noticed that clicking on the 2020 link in a user’s profile picks a date range that doesn’t start at the beginning of the year. In fact, it’s just a few days, and the UI doesn’t update because the date range is probably invalid.

Here are example URLs for date ranges.

2019: … &from=2019-12-01&to=2019-12-31
2018: … &from=2018-12-01&to=2018-12-31

Note how the 2020 range only spans 3 days. If you navigate to that link directly from this forum, you’ll see the complete year, but clicking the 2020 year (the current year as of this writing) will create a new short date range spanning only days in this month. I would expect to see the whole year of 2020 with blank space just like when i follow the link directly.

That direct link should also do the opposite: show the past year.

Thanks and all the best,

Wray Bowling |