Contribution graph not showing my 1 commit to a particular repo

The contribution graph is not showing a particular commit that I made on 12 March, 2021 to one of my repo. I made several commits before and they are present on the graph but that one particular commit is not showing. I also checked my local it is correct. that commit is visible in repo’s commit history. Can someone tell me what’s happening?

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Contributions are counted if they meet certain criteria:

If you have a commit that meets all the criteria and still isn’t showing up, can you share the commit url here? If it’s in a private repository, you can open a ticket instead.

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Hey @canuckjacq , sorry for replying so late, I can’t even explain my behavior, but I want to tell you that the issue is resolved now, actually the contribution was visible on the contribution graph next morning when I checked, I don’t know why this happened but it’s good that the issue is resolved.

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