Contributing to real opensource projects

Hi guys, I’m new to git and github and I am trying to explore opensource projects but can’t figure out how to contribute real opensource projects.  I am looking for ReactJS and  JavaScript projects.

Please share some advice how can I identify real opensource projects in ReactJS and JavaScrript? 


Hey Azambadar,

You can check You can find awesome projects from there. In my opion if a project on Github have many stars like +500, it should be a real open source project. You can filter and sort project from explore page.


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Open source projects are best when the people who are participating in them are also the people that use the thing that is produced by the project. So, I would first ask, “What open source tools, libraries, or applications do you use that use JavaScript and React?” Do you use GitHub Desktop? It’s based on React and TypeScript. Do you use some website that is open source and uses those pieces in its infrastructure?

If there’s nothing that you use personally, but you still want to get involved in open source, I would recommend taking a look at It can point you to a number of projects that want to help mentor people new to open source and have set up systems to help them be successful.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

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