Continuous Integration course - stuck on step 8

I’m working on the Continuous Integration course. I completed step 8 and got a pointer to an issue for Step 9. The main course page still thinks I’m on step 8, however, and nothing happens when I complete step 9. I’ve repeated things several times and remain stuck. Help, please.

Without links to the course and/or your fork of the course repository it’s hard to understand what the problem is (I’m guessing this is a course that requires you to clone a repository).

Sounds like there’s a missing operation in your final step, which is why the course is not seeing it as being complete.

Being a CI course, I imagine that you are relying on some CI service (e.g. Travis CI, Circle CI, etc.), if that’s the case, you’ll probably need to subscribe to that CI service and enable it on your repository for the autodetection to work correctly — but again, without any links that’s just guesswork.

Here’s my fork: GitHub - day-jeff/continuous-integration-team-scenarios

Yes, it is obviously looking for me to have completed a particular step. I have repeated the instructions several times and cannot figure out what I have missed. Which is why I’m asking for help.

Are the last actions required for Step 8 the ones described here?

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I get the impression that Step 8 is currently failing because having attempted it multiple times you’ve ended up stacking up the PRs and commits associated to this step:

The problem is that the instructions expect you to revert master HEAD to its previous commit (i.e. undo the last commit that was merged via the PR of Step 8):

# let's suppose, the previous master branch tip commit listed first by the previous command
git revert HEAD -m 1

But that command is no longer achieving that, because unrolling HEAD to -1 still results in your repository HEAD being stuck on Step 8 due to the fact that you piled up multiple commits from that step. In other words, from having peeked at the course settings, messages, etc. I think that the course is waiting for the repository HEAD to be on a specific commit, which is not happening due to the fact that above command is not reverting enough steps with -1.

Definitely, the repository history seems to have got entangled due to same extra or erroneous Git operations. If I were you, I’d create a local backup copy of master and then try reverting HEAD more than just one commit, and force push again, until the course picks it up. Failing that, you can simply spot which commit was form the last Step you’re supposed to be reverting to, and reset HEAD to that specific commit (instead of using the minus notation), until it works out.

In the worst case scenario, you’ll still have a local copy of master which you can then restore and force push to get back to where you are now. But if things are too entangled, and you can’t trace each Step of the course until you find which commit is astray, you might be better off just hard resetting the whole repository and starting from scratch.