Continuous Delivery with Azure - spin up environment label not working

On the step 6 of the Configuring your Azure environment after submit feedback and approve merging the changes. with the label “spin up environment” the bot keeps me giving this message :

It looks like you took an action I didn’t expect.

I expected you to apply the ‘spin up environment’ label. Please try that to continue!

I’ve tried to re-review the PR with the label more than three times.
Can someone help me out?

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I’m actually confused because the link you sent me is not that pull request, rather it’s the other one

go to Labels and apply the label being requested, just like this

Thanks for the help.
So it is supposed to pass as a label category and not as comment on the review.

The workflow went well.
I’ve merged the PR and now I can’t keep going. What is needed ?

The Resume icon on the step is sending me to here :

Kind Regards

Thanks for the help.
I will try do everything again!

Kind Regards

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