Continuous Delivery with AWS: Confusion between Staging and Prod

Course: GitHub Actions: Continuous Delivery with AWS

Expected behavior
The staging and production deployment should be deployed to two separate resources that are at parity.

Actual behavior
Step 7: Test the staging action triggers staging deployment, and Step 11: Merge the production workflow triggers production deployment, and both deploy to the same endpoint.
To make things more confusing, the output has mixed Staging and Prod keywords

2020-07-19T21:30:41.4627486Z Output from deployed AWS SAM Application:[mystack]:
2020-07-19T21:30:41.4628201Z [
2020-07-19T21:30:41.4629041Z     {
2020-07-19T21:30:41.4629169Z         "OutputKey": "**Staging**Url",
2020-07-19T21:30:41.4630744Z         "OutputValue": "**Prod**/",
2020-07-19T21:30:41.4631388Z         "Description": "**Staging** URL"
2020-07-19T21:30:41.4631525Z     }
2020-07-19T21:30:41.4632188Z ]

Thank you for reporting this @haokanga! We’ll review this issue and address it accordingly.