continue-on-error for steps inside action

Steps inside workflows have continue-on-error option.
This allows to continue execute following steps even if the current one has failed.

I’d like to do the same but on the action level.
So when a step has failed, I’d like to continue with next steps.
Something like this:

name: Action
  using: composite
    - id: action
      uses: ./something
      continue-on-error: true
    - if: steps.action.outcome != 'success'
      run: foo/bar...
      shell: sh

Is it somehow achievable?

Hi @seelts ,

Welcome to the GitHub community and thanks for posting this interesting question.

You would need to use steps context for Actions in this case. Please refer this documentation for details.

Hope this helps!

This caveat is almost certainly what you’re tripping on:

The fact that it isn’t easily reachable from the contexts page is unfortunate.