Container Images not showing up in web page

I have a number of container images that I can pull down so I know they still exist however they do not show up in the web page view of all versions.

I am logged in if that makes a difference.’


I can pull down but it doesn’t show on the versions page. Is there some criteria for what does/doesn’t show on this page?

Specifically it is the manage versions page. The home page for the registry shows 45 versions. Maybe you can only manage versions for a certain number of days after publishing or something? If I click on view all 45 versions only 4 show up.

Strange, it should show up with the others… We’ll have a look. Thanks for letting us know!

Let me know if you need screenshots or anything.

BTW I can’t seem to create any messages here with the GHCR tag. Get an error. Had to use GitHub Packages to post this.


Hi @chriskinsman! Thanks for pointing out this problem. The team has identified the issue and will work on a fix soon.

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I think the tag is restricted… I’m not very into discourse forums so I don’t know how it all works.

Hi there!

Any update on this? It’s quite needed to start use the ghcr service :slight_smile: