Container images not displayed under packages

Hello, and thanks for reading; I believe this should be a quick question/answer.

I have successfully uploaded a container image and associated to a project, worked like a champ the first time I ran through the documentation.

However, all subsequent container image uploads (for different repositories) do not show up under my profile’s “Packages” tab after I pushed them; only the container image for my first repository.

I can validate that the container images were pushed by trying to download my container image to another host machine: I am told that my authentication failed, which makes sense as I have been unable to update the container image to public.

docker pull
Using default tag: latest
Error response from daemon: Head "": unauthorized

This is likely an oversight on my side, but can someone help me understand what I can do to resolve this problem?

Hi @cdot65,
When you upload a package by default its visibility is set to private and it is uploaded at organisation level. You can see the packages at the url : cdot65 (Calvin Remsburg) / Packages · GitHub

By seeing the error above it looks like the terminal is not logged in from where you are trying to pull the image.
To pull image :

  1. Login to registry , you can find details here.
  2. use docker pull

If none of this works please paste logs and cmd output you using for push and pull.

Sorry, I should have clarified.

I have uploaded the following container images

only one shows up on my “packages” tab, the ansible-ee-azure image. I am looking for a way to see the others that I have uploaded

I was using the terminal to validate that the images are in fact found within repository

perhaps a screenshot would help, I’m expecting to see more than one package on the page you linked:

@cdot65 can you see the packages now, please refresh the page and try please.