Container based actions from Mac and Windows?

I’m trying to migrate our CI/CD system from Jenkins to Github Actions.  One of the things our Jenkins builds do is comment on the PR with a link to a downloadable installer for testing.  I looked for something that would do this and found this.  However, when I tried to use it in my build I got this result

##[error]Container action is only supported on Linux

The docs for building actions only appear to specify two mechanisms… Javascript or Docker based actions.  If that’s the case it feels crazy that the Docker based actions only work on one third of the supported build environments.  

Personally I’d like to build some actions as well, but I’d much rather be writing in Python than JS, and if the only way to use Python means I’ll also be restricting myself to only Linux based actions, then it’s a complete non-starter for me.  


Have you heard any update on when github actions will be providing support for docker container actions to run on  mac or windows?

+1 for Windows based actions. This would allow to i.e. create an action that builds and pushes Windows containers.