Contact the owner of a github account

Hi, I want to change my username to one of two options. There are two existing profiles with those names but there is absolutely no activity on them. Is it possible to contact the owners? Or is it possible to ask Github to overtake an empty account?

If there is no contact information on the profile, no.

Maybe, if they violate the name squatting policy, see GitHub Username Policy - GitHub Docs. If you think they might do that you’ll have to open a (private) support ticket here: GitHub Support

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Maybe they are not as inactive as I think. “Keep in mind that not all activity on GitHub is publicly visible; accounts with no visible activity may be in active use.”

I will send a ticket. Thanks for the hint!

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may be you should search for every possible links in the page and supposedly any of the links may have the developer info in there

Yes, I found out one of them beeing a worker at some place and emailed there, but no response. The other one is totally traceless.