"Contact Support" is not accessible

How are users supposed to contact support about issues with “Contact Support”?

  1. Open GitHub Support

  2. It contains a number of buttons. These animate in and out on mouseover, causing migraines and nausea.

  3. Click through to Reporting abuse or spam - GitHub Docs

  4. It contains a giant non-scrolling sidebar on the left side, and another non-scrolling element on the right side, again causing migraines and nausea unless users rely on page down and/or reduce refresh rates.

  5. The actual instructions don’t work. They rely on clicking the 3-dot menu, and selecting an option which is not in the menu.

  6. If users "Still Need Help?"the “Contact Support” link leads right back around, no closer to contacting support.

P.S. I’m not trying to report abuse, I’m just trying to contact support and not finding any way to do so.

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