Contact & Forum

I find more of a github help page & not a forum

pcsxr by iCatButler was on codeplex site but that site is now closed

it is also here on github as well

the latest repository download leads to codeplex site

there is no way to contact for support

that is why I am here but this is not a real forum it is github help

there needs to be a real forum and/or message system for users & contributors

some way to contact for support

They deliberately disabled GitHub Issues, so you should find another way to get in touch.

Hi @caltrop-3,

We appreciate the feedback. You are correct, this particular forum is largely for getting help surrounding the GitHub product itself and not for projects that are hosted on GitHub. That being said, we’re interested in this forum becoming much more of a fully-fledged community where GitHub users can connect and socialize with one another and will encourage that over time as the community grows and changes.

We are trying to improve the resources that projects have to connect to and support their users such as the ability to add support resources to your repository, but as @mpboom indicated, this user has turned off issues for their repository which is the most basic feature that projects have for interacting with their users. As projects are managed by individual people or organizations and not by GitHub, we try to provide project maintainers all of the tools that they need to support their projects without demanding too much about how they support their project.

I hope you find the support that you’re looking for regarding iCatButler/pcsxr.