Constant Error 500 when trying to access Repos page


The past few days since like Monday I haven’t been able to access my Repo page.

if i use the sidebar thing on the left of my screen that shows my feed and stuff i can see and access all of them but i can’t do it when i go through my profile. I can open other peoples profiles fine and see their repos. I’ve tried firefox safari and chrome i’ve tried private browsing and no matter what whether im signed in or not i can’t see it. I’ve asked friends to access it and they can’t either.

I emailed support and haven’t heard anything and would just like to know what’s up because it’s annoying and somewhat stressy. TIA

:wave: Welcome!

Sorry about the delay. I’ve been working with folks to dig up what is causing the error. It looks like it’s related to someone else’s repository, so it might be something you’ve forked that has glitched. (that’s a guess - I can’t load your repository list either!)

I’ve got your query moved into the right inbox now, and I hope it’ll be sorted soon.

I’ve figured out what repo it is I just can’t do anything to delete it. its the fork of githubs DMCA because that’s the only repo i can’t access through the sidebar

that’s interesting - I can fork and use github/dmca myself, but there is another repository I can’t even look at on the owner’s profile either, and their repository page is broken too. It’s the one referenced in the error logs.

The error logs are as far as I can get, since the 500 breaks most of our support access as well, so we’re just waiting on an engineer to pick up the escalation. I hope it’s soon!

yeh iliyan61/dmca doesn’t work and error 500’s if i try and access the page or clone with ssh or https or gh cli so i think it’s that repo as all the other ones open fine. weird :man_shrugging:t4: