Consistent name for hooray/tada emoji?

In an issue I asked people to respond with different emojis as simple way of polling, and noticed that one of the responses is called hooray - but as far I can see you have to write :tada: to get that emoji in a message. (The reason for writing the emoji is that when telling people to respond by pressing x it’s good to show the x-symbol.)

Does someone know if it is really the same emoji? And if so why doesn’t it have the same name in both places?

The string “:tada:” is a common “shortcode” for the Unicode standard emoji “party popper”. 

Unfortunately, shortcodes are not standardized.  You don’t tell us what platform you are referring to, different platforms have different shortcodes. Which is one reason why “hooray” and “tada” could be names for the same emoji.

Emojipedia suggests the “hooray emoji” is a reference to a different Unicode standard emoji.

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It was a reference to the “Pick your reaction” action in GitHub for issue-comments (normally used for thumbs up/thumbs down). See

You there have a choice of emojis and “hooray” is one of them, but in GitHub markdown it is called :tada: (I think). Several of the other emojis have the same name in the reaction as in GitHub markdown (eyes, rocket, etc).

It could simply be that the reaction is incorrectly named.

If “tada” was seen as unclear I would guess “celebration” would work both as reaction and in markdown (as it is another name for the same emoji).

Sorry, for not being clear enough.