consistent links for pull request comments?

My organization has been using GitHub for quite some time.  We find the code review support in pull requests to be very helpful.  We especially like the feature allowing the reviewer to release all their review comments as a group.

Recently, I had reason to link between review comments within a single PR.  Finding the comment’s URL from its timestamp link, I found its anchor name was “#discussion_r7681138”.  So, I made a link this way:


This link worked well while on the “Conversation” tab of the PR. 

However, when I switched to the “Files changed” tab of the PR, the links stopped working.  While on the files tab, I looked at the URL on that same comment’s timestamp.  There, the link of that very same comment had a different anchor name, “#r7681138” (i.e., the same comment name anchor without the “discussion_” part)!

  • Why do GitHub pull request comments have different anchor names depending on which view is shown? 
  • How can I petition GitHub to make the anchor names for each comment the same in all views?

Hey @lsloan! Great questions!

Generally speaking, we don’t provide any information around why features are designed a certain way. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t take and consider feedback :slight_smile: If you have any thoughts or feature requests/changes to share, I would recommend sending us an email via our contact form:

In the future, we are looking to offer a way to submit feature requests via the Community Forum, but for now we will be continuing to take them via email.