Consider these situations

  1. There is a company called as ‘X’.
    That company built a propertiary software.
    And it was doing its business and users were buying it.
    And I build another open-source software from scratch and that turns out to be better than their paid one.
    And I have the source code in GitHub.
    And due to that all users started switching to that and the company went in loss.
    And the company claimed to Github that they suffered this loss only because I made this. And that turns out to be the truth(they suffered a loss because I made a better free software than them)
    Now, the question is, will Github delete my repo / account for this?

Not only a similar software.

  1. There is a service called ‘Y’.
    They are focused on some security related stuff.
    I build a script that can break the entire security system of Y.
    Now Y couldn’t maintain security properly(because it is not proper(because I built a thing that can bypass it)) and due to my script its security got damaged.
    Again, Y claimed this to Github and
    Will Github delete my repo / account for this?

Their security | software is not proper, I built something that can affect them negatively (because they are not proper) and the only reason for their loss is me. And when I have the source at Github, what will be Github's response to these companies X and Y when they claim to Github for their loss with the proof that I am the reason? What will be Github's reaction?

Will that be like

You are not proper so we cant help it


Yes your sales are going down right wait let me banish him out of Github


Hey, if you have questions about GitHub’s TOS or legal stances, it’s best to contact private support here:

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Hi -

In general you will find people reluctant to answer hypotheticals. If you require legal advice about a product you are building, you will need to source that independently.

This thread will be closed. Please open a ticket if you have further questions, although - again - if you need legal advice, you will need to engage your own legal professionals.

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