Connection Reset by [IP] Port 443 when trying to use SSH over HTTP connection


I need help on my issue with connection with Github.
I have been using Jenkins which pulling codes from Github to deploy my apps.

on nov 22nd my company network seems have been updated and port 22 was closed,
resulting in connection timeout to github on my jenkins server.

been reading a lot of board and it seems it was a quite common problem which one of it’s workaround is to try and connect into github by using SSH over HTTPS port.
so, I try and set a config for my ssh:

Port 443
User git

after I using this config for my SSH connection, the port 22 problem are over, but there’s a new error when I try ssh -Tv

my questions:

  1. what is the cause for this problem?I’ve tried to read a lot of forum board and it seems one of cause for this problem is my IP are being blocked by the website host. in this case, Github. but I don’t think this is the cause.
  2. is there any workaround for this?I’ve also tried add Github public key to my known_hosts. but it doesn’t work

any information regarding this problem are greatly appreciated