Connection issue due to usr/pw authentication

Since today around noon GMT-5, I can<t push to the organization repo in which I am an external contributor.

I am pretty sure that is due to the recent deprecation of the username/password authentication in effect today.

After all afternoon searching throught the documentation, I can tell:

  • I have an SSH cert installed on my GitHub Account and the same SSH cert installed in my GitKraken.
  • I am sure that I have access to the repo as a contributor with admin priviledges.
  • I am also sure that GitKraken is an approved application (from the organization settings, which I have access to).
  • My GitKraken is connected to my GitHub account.

What else can I investigate?
My system is Windows 10 Pro. I have GitBash… GitKraken is a payed Pro version.

I currently can open the repo… But cannot push my changes.

Hi @LouysPatriceBessette

Check information in link below, especially the differences in URL formats to be used whne switching between HTTPS and SSH for communication and also the origin.

Hello all!

This reply is an answer for my yesterday’s question. I found it myself after a good night sleep :wink:

I found absolutely nowhere to change the url used a couple weeks ago to clone the repo in the GiKraken settings. BUT! I found the config file! It is located in the [root folder of the repo]/.git and the filename simply is “config” without any file extention.

For Windows users: that .git folder is hidden. You have to check the “show hidden elements” checkbox under the “view” tab of a file explorer.

In that file you’ll find:

[remote “origin”]
url = // I had a https url here… That was the problem.
fetch = +refs/heads/:refs/remotes/origin/

So my issue is now fixed.