Connecting Stripe Direct Charge API To SMS-Based Ecommerce Platform

Looking for a super smart Stripe API expert to help me out with this one…

I have an SMS-based ecommerce platform where users can send text messages to their SMS subscribers that have opted in with their personal info, shipping info, and saved credit card info in stripe.

Our problem with Stripe is that we are trying to use the Stripe Direct charge API so that we can pass on all of the Stripe processing fees to the users of our platform but because the payments are SMS-based without any webpage so we cannot use their traditional Javascript code for Direct Charge.

We need to implement direct transfer in our .net core application. Only solution that is mentioned on Stripe is Javascript.
We do not have an option to use Stripe as we need to process the payment from the backend.

We need to use direct transfer as we need to pass the whole amount to the Vendor’s account and then the processing fees can be deducted from vendor’s account.

Does anyone have a possible workaround for this?