Connect to a 3d printer that has wifi built in

I know nothing of github save how to get lost so I hope this works. I am trying to figure out how to connect to a 3d printer that has wifi. This printer (VOXELAB ARIES) has a usb port but it is only for print file transfer and not for communication. It has a slicer Voxelmaker that can connect to the printer via wifi and send print files to it. It does not have a command port so it can not send gcode to control the printer as pronterface could if it were connected via hardline (USB) I am 67 and have no idea how this stuff really works. From what I have read its just radio communication from device to device via a router. How do I do this. All the tools should be here as Voxelmaker is sending files to the machine to print. It should be able to receive wifi from any slicer that can use octoprint, yes / no. I am lost. I can not find anything or figure out how. I found this by chance and I am praying it doesn’t go directly to the round file. In my head its just as simple as a walky talky. In fact it seems to take a masters in electronics and radio communications. Can someone please help us fix our printers so we can communicate and calibrate them.

I have an Ender3 Printer and I wonder, if you can’t communicate with the Printer with the UPS-Port.
I don’t know, if you printer has a MSD-Slot. Mine has it. So I only put gcode-files on a mircosd and it is working fine.
Sending big file with wifi works, but can last long.
So wiring or putting cards is the better solution.
I even used my USB-Port until now for communication.


My machine has usb slot but it is ONLY for print files. not for communicating with the printer. I cannot perform changes to the firmware. I can not send a M503 command or any Gcode such as G92 It is all done through wifi I have to figure out how to connect to the printer with a command terminal such as Pronterface or a master control slicer such as Simplify 3D. I can not set the e steps on my machine. Thanks for your help.