Connect the local and online repository using IntelliJ

Hey there,

i created a new local repository via the VCS in IntelliJ, how can i push to my online repository?

IntelliJ wants an URL if i select “Define Remotes”. Where can i get this URL? is this the way to go?

Im sorry, but i am new to Git und i searched many hours .I’m confused of everey topic is a dead end for me.

Thank you for your time.

You need to create a repository on github (up right):

Then clone the project on your pc by copy the url that you can find in the right of repository (green button):

Paste this url to idea:


If you already done some modifications and you only need to define remote you can add the url to the remotes list:



add your modifications on it with commit, push to origin and you have done.

Hope to solve your problem :slightly_smiling_face: