Confusion about pulling between two accounts I have access to

I have have a Github account with personal repos, and I’m an administrator of a group which also has repos.

In one shared project I have my own repo, remoted from my development machine. And a repo that was forked from it, in the group account, which other members of the group take as the “master” repo.

I’ve now updated the code on my dev machine, pushed to my personal GitHub repo of the project in my personal account, and, in that project, created a Pull Request.

I now go to the page of the group’s repo for this project, and I see “This branch is 1 commit behind [my personal repo for the project]”

But what I can’t see is any button to actually pull from that personal repo of my project into this group repo of the project. Where is it?

Almost exclusively, people want to submit pull requests from a fork to the original, so the GitHub UI is optimized for that flow. But going the other direction is still supported, just a little more complex. To demonstrate, I created a fork of atom/atom in my personal account: lee-dohm/atom. If I wanted to create a pull request from atom/atom to lee-dohm/atom, I would:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “New pull request” button
  3. Change the “base fork” and “head fork” selections so that the arrow indicates the correct direction
  4. Select the branches to compare
  5. Continue the process as normal

I hope that helps!