Confusing email message


while experimenting with GitHub Actions, I got this email report “Run failed”; however the email content informs me that “All jobs were successful” with a nice large green button…

It seems to me that the issue is that the workflow failed without running any jobs, so yes technically all jobs were successful (because no jobs were run), still the message is quite confusing.


A bit late to the party, but I would like to know how many jobs your workflow had at that time. None? I actually wonder if that is considered a valid workflow, or if such a workflow is valid, but fails like you described if there are no jobs whatsoever. I agree that the email notification is confusing. The logic that generates it might fail to account for this special case, e.g. only check if the number of failed jobs is greater than 0, but with zero jobs, well…

I recommend that you share your feedback via the Feedback form for GitHub Actions .