Confused ! Please help

I have found git to be very confusing. I have a main default branch and a gh-pages branch. My site renders fine except for one image to which I have made many changes, but it shows on my local host. I commit with VScode and used Angular Cli to create gh-pages. I don’t think the commits for this image have worked. What should I do now ? Your site is published at ng-bulma-aa

I have found that if the image you want is supposed to be an HTML <img> tag and is saved in your repository you can open said image in a new tab then copy/paste that link as the src element of the img tag.

Example using my sites navbar logo:

<img src="" alt="" />

although probably not the easiest solution but hope it helps

Thanks much! :: I used SCSS with a url. it worked that way but I don’t think my commits for this image are working.