Confused by actions running on a forked pull request

I’ve just implemented Github actions for CI for

All appears to be working, but I’m confused by this… This screenshot is from and shows what appears to be a build of a pull request on a fork.  If I click in the “View #370” button I go to which isn’t in my repo. It hasn’t been submitted to rclone/rclone as a pull request. :confused:

How do I disable this?

The trigger part of the workflow looks like this:

# Trigger the workflow on push or pull request
      - '*'
      - '*'

Thank you

Have you tried going to the settings for the repo, and clicking actions on the left, and selecting the middle radio button named “Enable local Actions only for this repository”?

Nevermind, that doesn’t do what I thought it did.

I would also be interested in the proper solution!

Apologies.  This looks like a bug in the way the UI is displaying this information - the run itself occurred in the correct repository.  We have enough information here to understand the problem and will work on a fix.

Thanks for reporting this!


Thanks for the explanation!  Glad I’m not going completely crackers :wink:

Good luck with the fix.

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Is there any news on a fix for this?

I just made a single tagged push to master and I got this - 5 builds.  I might have expected 2 - one for master and one for the tag, but I have no idea what the pull request builds are for.  Note all have the same commit ID.