Confused about converting account to organization..??

I am currently registered with GitHub Pro, and I would like to switch to GitHub Organizations.

I’ve read all the conversion guides for this, and I see my options about converting the account vs. creating a new organization and then trasferring the repos.  I would like to do the conversion.

I’m prepared for this, but when I go into the conversion steps, I end up with this option:

My natural reaction here is to choose what I have, because this is indeed for my business.  However, the note below that scares me a bit.  What does it mean that “not angelleye” will control this organization.  What account controls it then?

With both options, it still has me select the organization owner, which is my new personal account I have created.

So I’m just a bit confused on what I should be selecting here.  Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Nobody can help me out here?

Hi @angelleye,

Thank you for being here! Designating your personal account as the owner is the correct step, since it is your organization and for security purposes, you would be the owner. Please ensure that you have another user account ready (as I believe you already do) to accept ownership of the account following conversion and - once that is done - that other user account would then be needed to access the converted account; as an organization cannot be access directly.

Hello @angelleye,

That option determines ownership of the organization with respect to our Terms of Service.

If you select the " My personal account"  option, the organization is bound to our Standard Terms of Service with you as the owner. Selecting the “A business or institution” option places the organization on our Corporate Terms of Service instead, with ownership held by an entity such as a company, non-profit, or group. Corporate Terms provide greater flexibility with regard to account ownership disputes and transfers, which can be beneficial in cases where an organization owner leaves a business or otherwise becomes unresponsive.

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Thanks for the reply.

So if I select to set this up as corporate, because my company is indeed an S-Corp, would it still be showing up under /angelleye or does that get changed?  That’s the part that’s confusing me, because it says the company “not angelleye” would control it.


Your personal account will still have owner permissions for the organization, so the way in which you access the organization’s content remains the same, regardless of who owns the organization from a Terms of Service perspective.