Conflicts with Browser Shortcut

This is an awesome feature but as @barredterra mentioned just switch the palette command to + + p.

Notion just uses + p. You could also just make it configurable


Firefox in Windows - the ctrl+k hotkey is used to go to the search-bar.
The new command-palette hotkey takes precedence breaking the browser hotkey.
This is really annoying.
As different people & browsers have different hotkeys - it’d be nice to have custom hotkeys…


On macOS Big Sur 11.6 and Safari Version 15.0 (16612., 16612) none of the key commands work for me.

Thats because FF does allow sites to overwrite its settings ( keymappings in this case )…

I’m not sure If this belongs in another post but in Microsoft Edge (and probably other Chromium browsers, though I haven’t checked), Ctrl+Shift+K is used to duplicate a tab, which I tend to use a lot while browsing repositories on Github. This shortcut is now being captured by Github. Ctrl+Shift+P is a great alternative like @barredterra suggested and while this conflicts with the “Print” shortcut in Windows, not many people would use this shortcut on Github.


This also conflicts with the Edge browser’s CTRL+SHIFT+K shortcut. GitHub should distinguish between CTRL+K and CTRL+SHIFT+K


What about printing then?

Audit matrix

We are currently exploring how we could give users more options in how they open the command palette and would love feedback from the community! Below is a table of how keyboard shortcuts are used across different browsers:

Header command k command option k command shift k command shift p
Safari :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Chrome :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Edge :x: Focus search bar :white_check_mark: :x: Duplicate tab :warning: Print using system dialog
Firefox :x: Focus search bar :warning: Open web console :white_check_mark: :x: New private window


We are considering settings options similar to this list:

  • Default option:
    • Default mode: command k + command option k / Ctrl k + Ctrl alt k
    • Command mode: command shift k / Ctrl shift k
  • Alternate option (Targeting Edge users)
    • Default mode: command option k / Ctrl alt k
    • Command mode: N/A
  • Alternate option (Targeting Firefox users)
    • Default mode: command option k / Ctrl alt k
    • Command mode: command shift k / Ctrl shift k
  • TBD Alternate option (Targeting VS Code users using Chrome or Safari)
    • Default mode:command shift p / Ctrl shift p
    • Command mode: N/A
  • Disable command palette keyboard shortcuts

Hey there,

Great work on this; I love the ability to utilize the Command Palette to navigate GitHub faster. However, Command / Control + K are usually used in many editors to create a hyperlink. With this, there are a few points of feedback that come to mind.

  • Give users the ability to set a custom keybinding
  • Utilize a different keybinding such as Command + J (used in Evernote) or Command + / (used in Figma)

Please don’t hijack the hyperlink shortcut, as this could create more confusion than use. Again, keep up the great work!


     The command palette is an interesting new feature in preview, but its one of its default key bindings, that of ‘Ctrl+Alt+K,’ also seems to pick up ‘Ctrl+Shift+K,’ which conflicts with Microsoft Edge’s default keyboard shortcut for ‘Duplicate Tab.’ Plain ‘Ctrl+K’ also tends to conflict; a non-trivial number of web sites bind it to the ‘add hyperlink’ button and consequent modal dialog box in their editors. I’m thus switching the command palette feature preview toggle back off for now.


Hey there @gaknoll,

Many people have custom shortcuts that may not be accounted for. Similarly, multiple key bindings may become overwhelming. Two simple things that could be done to avoid confusion / misunderstanding with this feature.

  1. Allow for a custom key binding to be set by users. This makes the most sense and allows for users to freely pick their keybinding

  2. Use Command + /. This is a popular selection in multiple apps (Figma for example) to open a command palette.

Please do not use Command + K


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@3raxton we are working on making this more flexible now! As I mentioned above, we are likely going to start by offering a set number of keyboard shortcut options that users can choose from that hopefully offer at least one that doesn’t conflict with shortcuts from custom & default browser of choice nor browser extensions in use.

Medium to longer term we do anticipate even more broad user control over the customization of keyboard shortcuts via a keyboard shortcut remapping feature. Our accessibility team shipped a v1 of this feature this week that simply allows users to turn on/off keyboard shortcuts but will evolve into custom remapping. This is primarily targeted at users who rely on the keyboard and/or assistive technologies such as screen readers, but will also give more control to all users.


Ctrl-K also conflicts with Chrome and is documented on the linked page of shortcuts for that browser.

I really hate when browser shortcuts are hijacked, and feel that the default configuration should be the least intrusive. In other words, don’t use Ctrl-K as the default. Ctrl-Alt-K looks to be the least conflicting option you are considering, so make that the default.

I also really hope that browser vendors in the future provide a mechanism to disable such hijacking, and enable it by default, in which case you may want to train your users to use shortcuts that aren’t likely to be taken back in the future.


Have you considered UA sniffing and offering a different default based on the browser?

E.g. it’d be Ctrl + Alt + K for me out of the box, because I use Firefox, but I could override it if necessary?

Ctrl + K is the common shortcut for hyperlinking something.

In the GitHub text editor

in this forum…

Office365, Slack, Teams, some of the screens in JIRA, etc. etc


Ctrl shift k is opens web console on firefox, so it’d be a bad choice for targeting firefox users.

Hi! Just chiming in to say that hijacking Ctrl+K is really annoying and it would be great if Github would introduce custom keybindings. In the meantime, it should at least be possible to disable intrusive keybindings. Thanks!


Uhh, Chrome also uses Ctrl+K. Given that almost every browser which is actually in use in the market (LOL @ actually caring about Safari on anything but mobile) uses Ctrl+K… that was a pretty laughably dumb decision from the get go.


How is this still enabled by default more than two months later, after all the negative feedback?

This is really annoying.

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Please stop breaking standards. Command-key shortcuts are for native apps.