Conflict management and Github Desktop

Hello. We’re moving to Github Desktop and previously used Beyond Compare for conflict management, which I understand Github Desktop doesn’t support.

Can you please point me to discussions/advice about selecting a conflict management tool (native Github Desktop and others)? Our users are mostly nontechnical end users.

Thanks in advance.

@nolabeard welcome and thanks for the question.

You are correct – at this time GitHub Desktop does not support selecting a custom merge/diff tool, but this is something that we may consider again in the future. There are a couple of issues (#10812 and #71) where this has been discussed.

Right now when you run into a merge conflict we show a prompt that allows you to launch the default editor and resolve the conflicts. This help article has a description of what merge conflicts look like and how to resolve them in your editor – that may be helpful to share if you have users running into conflicts.

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