Confirmation on the eligibility of non open sourced code that exists in public repos

On the pricing page you list a couple of items which are free for public repos under team and enterprise editions. Do those same free items for public repos extend to public repos with “non-free” (i.e code not under an open source licence) code in them or does “free for public repositories” come under the unstanding that the code in these repos needs to be under and open source licence; or be open source in some way? Could I for example publish a commercial venture under a public repo (understanding that the code would be viewable but still copyrighted only to me) and still gain all the same benefits an open source project would or would this be shutdown by Github staff?

Hi @andrewfenn,

Not to worry! You’re free to choose whichever license best fits your use case, as long as you’re comfortable with these repositories being public. We have a complete breakdown of our license options here, so please choose the license that best matches your needs.