Configuring Timeout

I have a project that takes a couple of minutes to compile and run a full test suite. I typically run it in the background, jump to work on something else, and then come back. However, in Codespaces, I’m frequently kicked off of my session for being idle for too long.

Is there an easy way to configure this?

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Hey @DanielRosenwasser, we don’t allow configuring idle timeouts right now but anticipate we will in the future. Is the amount of time you’re idle for a few minutes or is it longer? Right now inactive sessions are terminated after 30 inactive minutes. Does that sound like the amount of time you’re inactive for or are you finding your sessions are terminated sooner?

So I’m not totally sure if that was consistent with what I was seeing, but I could be remembering incorrectly. I think that after a few minutes my connection would just get dropped. Maybe it wasn’t necessarily a timeout, but instead was some sort of connection failure. Regardless, because I wasn’t running in tmux, I lost my terminal sessions and running tests. This unfortunately happened a couple of times which ended up being really frustrating at the time.

I think what might have actually happened was that because our test suite is run in parallel, some service that periodically keeps the connection alive was getting starved out. That’s just my theory anyway.