Configuring self-hosted runner in different organizations

Have a query on self-hosted. I’m aware of self-hosted runner possibilities for repository, Org., Enterprise. In my scenario, there are multiple Organizations (some belong to same enterprise and some to different).

Question 1: Is there a possibility to configure one self-hosted runner in above multiple Organizations scenario?
Question 2: As far as i know self-hosted runner processes requests sequentially, is it possible to configure self-hosted runner to handle multiple requests at a time ?


Q1. Afaiu, the permission model really wants a runner to be tied to a single thing. You could have a computer that registers itself w/ 3 distinct runner instances, and once it gets work via one of them, it could unregister itself from the others. Of course, you’re always responsible for cleaning up after the untrustworthy work is processed.

Q2. GitHub will send jobs to each applicable available runner.

If a computer registers itself as two runners, it could get two jobs. – You’d just need to make sure that the paths don’t run into each other (typically one does this by running isolated VMs).