Configuring GitHub Notifications for GitHub Action

Ours is an Enterprise Cloud subscription. We are working on GitHub actions for builds. We would like to send custom emails (with various details to custom recipients and culprits and so on) after the build succeeds or fails. For this, I am not getting the steps to configure email notification. I tried using the Send Email actions from market place, but most of them are requiring SMTP configuration. Is it really required? If that is the case, how is GitHub able to send notifications (from the sender without SMTP?

You must be able to see the problem with thinking that GitHub will let any old project or GitHub action use their mail infrastructure and impersonate them?

I am not getting you. I am very new to GitHub and trying to understand how to send email from GitHub actions in Enterprise Cloud. I saw Send Email actions in the marketplace which require SMTP server setup with credentials.

Hi - you won’t be able to send emails using the GitHub mail server. You would have to use your own mailserver/domain. That’s why it’s asking for SMTP settings and credentials.

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Thanks a lot for your response. Now I have 2 questions.

  1. How can we customize the email notification we get from success / failure of a workflow run? Say, I want to send it to more recipients and customize the email body also.
  2. For Enterprise Cloud, where/how do we configure the SMTP? I could find it for On Prem, but not for Cloud?

I’m afraid notifications are not customisable.

With Enterprise server, you are hosting it yourself, so you add your own settings. With Enterprise Cloud, the notifications come from GitHub.

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Very bad. GitHub has been a big disappointment so far. I am very new to GitHub. I am already seeing so many limitations. Following are some.

  1. There is no way to organize repos into folders. This is there, even in GitLab.
  2. There is no direct API to get count of repositories
  3. Cron schedules are not guaranteed to work.
  4. Workflows are not reusable / cannot be shared across repos.
  5. For manually triggered workflows, input parameters don’t have choice type.
  6. There is no built in / automated approach to perform administrative tasks like setting branch protection.
  7. Notifications cannot be customized.