Configure GIT to recognize you

I just joined the GitHub community and I’m trying —without any success— to complete configure GIT to recongize me. Here’s what I know:

  • My handle is JRosalesGIS. 
  • I have downloaded the Windows GitHub Desktop
  • I downloated Git-2.18.0-64  
  • Need to configure GIT to recognize me but not sure where the “terminal” is located.



Can you tell me how and where to complete this task? 
Thank you,

What do you mean by “recognize”? Do you mean you need Git to rembember your name and mail address for commits or credentials for GitHub?

I am fairly sure that you will be able to do what you want to do in Git Bash.  If you are reading instructions about setting up git, it may be that the instructions you are reading are for linux or mac.  Those systems have a Terminal Windows, typically does not.

You can do every single git command that you would do in a Terminal, in Git Bash.

Alternativly, you can use WSL to actually install a Linux enviroment but if you are just starting out with git and are not actually a professional developer - unless you specifically want to develop for Linux, you don’t need to go that far as Git Bash will do everything you need.