Configure Git page on sign in

Really dumb question but…

On the Configure Git page in the desktop app it shows “Name: Nerxxy” and “Email:[numbers]” am I supposed to save this email somewhere or can I use some other email, like the email I have already linked to github?

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Hi @Nerxxy , welcome to the community.
You can see you email settings at
Whilst you can add many email addresses to your GitHub account, you have the option in settings to keeping your email private.

If you created your GitHub account after July 18, 2017, your GitHub-provided no-reply email address is a seven-digit ID number and your username in the form of its visible in settings on your account

Here is a link that describes how this applies to commits
Setting your commit email address - GitHub Docs

There is also a similar answered question here
Logging into Git as a GitHub App - GitHub Ecosystem - GitHub Support Community

Hopefully the above gives you what you are looking for

Hello @byrneh , Thank you for replying and the welcoming.

So what your saying is that it doesn’t matter what email is set there? As I can change it later on in time?

You can easily change which email addresses are associated with your Github account.

You cannot easily change the author email address recorded in your commits later, and in many cases not at all. So getting that right is critical.