Configure Dependabot for all the manifests in a repo

I have a repo with a couple of separate large Maven projects full of subprojects. Let’s simplify it like this:

├── projA/pom.xml
│   ├── subprojA1/pom.xml
│   └── subprojA2/pom.xml
└── projB/pom.xml
    ├── subprojB1/pom.xml
    └── subprojB2/pom.xml

I have enabled Dependabot security upgrades for the whole repo, and vulnerability-fixing PRs are being correctly created. I would now want to set default assignees/reviewers from my team. dependabot.yml allows me to do so on a per-directory basis, which means I need six mostly identical YAML blocks (because dependabot doesn’t traverses down into sub-manifests), and if a new (sub)project is added to the repo, I’ll have to recall to add yet another block for configuration to work.

Can I somehow configure default assignees/reviewers of version bumping PRs all the manifests in a repo?