Git hub will not process changes. I have done what they have asked numerious times.

Does anyome have any assistance please??

Hi @cbeg-76! I just replied in the other thread before I saw this post. 

I’ll re-post here, just in case:

When I look in your repository it seems that the bot created the file for the next activity on the Cbeg-76-patch-1-2 branch. My suggestion is that you open a pull request from that branch to master, and see if once you correct that file, the course is back on track.

I tried making a new pull request like you said. I keep having the issue of “No newline at end of file”. I have tried to correct this, but it seems the bot won’t let me.

@cbeg-76 the bot is specifically looking for the file to be in the _posts directory. It may be easier to unenroll from the course and start a fresh one. You can do so in the course page, near the top right.