Concurrency doesn't work as expected


I’m trying to implement the concurrency mechanism in my workflow, but I’m getting into a strange issue:

    name: Deploy coverage report
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    concurrency: coverage-deployment-${{ github.sha }}

I have 10 different jobs which are set on coverage-deployment-${{ github.sha }} concurrency group. However, some of them are queued correctly and some other are cancelled unexpectedly. If I re-run the workflows, the jobs that are cancelled are not always the same. It’s a random behaviour. Seems like they are automatically cancelled after some time. Is there a hidden expiration time?
My jobs lasts a couple of minutes so I wouldn’t say that it’s a normal behaviour

This is the error I have:

Deploy coverage report
Canceling since a higher priority waiting request for 'coverage-deployment-3963fc7187f2f77e2c929506a47215cad57ff1b9' exists

I’m experiencing exactly the same, did you find any solution?

I also am experiencing the same problem. I’m wondering if it’s a timeout. More specifically, the clock for timeout-minutes starts before the job is forced to wait and the clock keeps on running even though the job is effectively paused, ultimately timing out and being canceled.

I’m having the same issue. I think it allows only one job in the queue. The rest of the items will be canceled.