Concurrency doesn't work as expected


I’m trying to implement the concurrency mechanism in my workflow, but I’m getting into a strange issue:

    name: Deploy coverage report
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    concurrency: coverage-deployment-${{ github.sha }}

I have 10 different jobs which are set on coverage-deployment-${{ github.sha }} concurrency group. However, some of them are queued correctly and some other are cancelled unexpectedly. If I re-run the workflows, the jobs that are cancelled are not always the same. It’s a random behaviour. Seems like they are automatically cancelled after some time. Is there a hidden expiration time?
My jobs lasts a couple of minutes so I wouldn’t say that it’s a normal behaviour

This is the error I have:

Deploy coverage report
Canceling since a higher priority waiting request for 'coverage-deployment-3963fc7187f2f77e2c929506a47215cad57ff1b9' exists