Conan support for GitHub Packages

Apologies upfront if this is the wrong forum for a feature/want question.

Conan is a C/C++ packaging framework that’s grown popular over the last few years. Recently (March '20) GitLab adopted 1st-party support for Conan Packages.

Is Conan on GitHub’s radar and/or roadmap? As of this posting I haven’t found anything on GitHub’s official issue tracker, blog, wiki, etc.

(P.S. I realize full well there may be contention between Conan and vcpkg as far as Microsoft is concerned.)

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I absolutely agree with that. If vcpkg is better, it will be used. But that should not be enforced using disallow hosting such packages. By not allowing hosting conan packages, there is no other chance than using another service like the one from JFrog. But in that case I would switch the complete package hosting to them maybe, because they support all kind of packages.
So again MS: Please support conan packages.

It should be mentioned: You cannot host vcpkgs in GitHub Packages, so that sounds still fair. But as MS explains why they created vcpkg, it is because they do not want private repositories. The reasons are understandable in some party, it makes no sense at the end to create a new package manager because you dislike the package repository. That highly violates the separation of concerns rule.