Computer / Github making changes without input?

Hi everyone, I’ve been suffering from a problem with my GitHub repository. You’ll have to forgive me as I’m somewhat inexperienced with it.

I’m working with a few people on a game built in Game Maker Studio 2, using Git as a host. Today, one of my team members pushed an update that incorrectly merged some files, so I took the time to revert the pushes. However, with how the files had been merged, some data was lost and the project file had been stripped to what it was a few updates prior, so I decided to revert the reversion, and wait for one of the programmers on the team to sort out the merging conflicts. As it turns out that just made things even worse. Chunks of data and changes in my project have been randomly deleted or altered, and as a result GMS2 crashes shortly after loading up the project file.

Looking at GitHubDesktop, files in the repo were being changed and being prepped for a commit that I hadn’t even touched. The only thing I had done was load the game file into GMS2. Clearing the changes, and attempting to load the project again, made the changes appear again. My team mates aren’t suffering this problem, it’s only me. On their ends, the project is loading fine. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the repo, GitHub Desktop, GMS2, and attempted to switch to Source Tree, but for whatever reason my computer is very intent on changing or deleting these particular files when I try to load up the project.

So, to reiterate, I reverted some changes to a commit in GitHub, reverted the reversion, and now my computer is very intent on changing these files. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, nothing is working. Is there any solution to this problem? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


According to the screenshots you shared, the incorrect commits have not been pushed to the remote repository on GitHub.
On GitHub Desktop, maybe you can try like as the steps below:

  1. Make sure “Current repository” is the repository that has the incorrect commits, then click Repository > Remove…

  2. Select “Also move this repository to Recycle Bin”, then click “Remove”.

  3. Check the local path of the repository on your local machine to make sure all the repository files have been removed.

  4. Restart GitHub Desktop, then clone the repository from the remote repository to the specified local path on your local machine (File > Clone repository…).

  5. Resubmit the correct commits.

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