Composite action: `if` isn't supported with `uses`

Hi everyone, I’ve got a question/issue that’s preventing me from writing a nice and clean composite action

I know I can use if with run. That works, is documented and is perfectly supported. Weirdly enough, the same IS NOT SUPPORTED if I change run for uses, for instance, to use an external action like actions/checkout. docker/login-action, or whatever public action for that matter, which is totally expected use case.

Basically, we can’t have conditional external actions executing as part of our custom composite action. The second if would throw a syntax? error

Does anyone know if this is already requested or under development? Or any workaround for this?

Thanks in advance

I’m surprised the first if doesn’t cause an error, conditionals aren’t supposed to be supported in composite actions yet. This is the relevant issue for the runner:

maybe I got all mixed up in all the tests I performed before posting and neither if is supported, but anyway, do you happen to know if there’s an estimated timeframe in which we can expect support for if to be released?