Completely stuck trying to push a rebase

Hi, I am normally using sourcetree to push to my github repo, but for some reason my authentication is failing big time on it and I tried resetting my credentials like 10 times without working.

So I am using github desktop at the moment and trying to force push a commit that is a re-written commit history of a branch (interactive rebase with squashed commits) so I can force the commit history into the new squashed one in the origin.

This doesn’t work, using the terminal from the github desktop repository tab, I get the same error…

remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository '' not found

I clearly have something wrong with my git credentials and this isn’t linked to any git IDE in particular, as sourcetree UI, soourcetree terminals and github terminals cannot connect to directories…

But I can however push and pull from the github desktop, but of course I do not want to pull my squashed branch as it will merge my commits into my interactive rebase…

I am really stuck at this point, I feel like my git repo is all broken now!

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